The DM 12-Week Inner Circle Program

$60,000,000+ IN SALES​


*Talk with me directly 1-on-1. No obligations.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the personal nature and time involved with my personal coaching, places are limited to just 60 spots annually.

In Sales Generated.
Of Businesses Transformed.
Business Owners Coached To Create 6 & 7 Figure Businesses.
Creator of 5x 7-figure businesses
In 4 Different Business Domains.
Students Coached Globally.


in Sales Generated


Of Businesses Transformed.


Business Owners Coached To Create 6 & 7 Figure Businesses

Creator of 5x 7-figure Businesses

in 4 different business Domains


Students Coached Globally

How Would You Like Me To Personally Mentor You So You Can Scale Your Business Faster and Create Wealth Sooner?

If you want to speed up your progress to building a 7 or even
8-figure business, nothing is more effective than having the
right mentor in your corner.

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, a mentor can mean you finally get the reward for the ton of effort you put in
day after day.


If you are just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey,
a trusted mentor can shave years off your path to success.

Simply by learning from someone who is further along the journey than you are.

This can mean…

…Rebuilding your business model to make it more profitable…

…Discovering personal marketing tactics so that you can reach more customers…

…Or it may be as simple as one piece of advice that helps you get “unstuck”.

I say this from personal experience from coaching and mentoring over 1,000 business owners…

On average, the business owners I work with add at least 25% to their annual revenue and overall profits within 12 months.

…Not to mention the new networks they develop, invaluable relationships and strategic business skills that last a lifetime.

What Makes My Coaching Program Different from Anything Else Out There?

Let’s just say I have been in your shoes…

Much of the first 10 years of my business felt like I was fumbling in the dark.

I made costly mistake after mistake.

I focused my time and energy on the wrong areas of
my business.

No matter how many business books I read, once in the real world of business I felt helpless.

It felt like it was just me against the world.

Many entrepreneurs simply chalk this up as the cycle of pain that’s just part of the process.

Then I finally realised something blindingly obvious…

All Successful People Have One Specific Thing in Common: They All Have Mentors and Coaches

In fact, this is one of the main reasons they are successful.

They understand the shortest way to success is learning from others who have achieved it.

They know their business is full of millions of unknowns.

They know that one single piece of advice can be worth thousands, if not millions, of value.

That’s why I have personally spent over $500,000 myself on coaches and personal development.

Without my mentors, I wouldn’t be standing here today with $60,000,000+ in sales under my belt and have a life that I only dreamed of as a kid from a working-class, low-income household.

Nothing accelerated my progress than learning from more experienced business owners

If I had someone to turn to in my first 10 years of business, that would have saved me from a lot of pain and missteps…

But that opportunity wasn’t available to me back then, like it is to you now.

In some ways, it was easier back then.

Unlike today, I wasn’t competing against tens of millions of people online.

If you are serious about growing your business…

And you want to shortcut the time it takes you to find financial independence…


I am willing to open the door into my business world so you can…

Join My Inner Circle for the Next 12 Weeks

Inside the DM 12-Week Inner Circle Program, we will work together to build a strategic plan and processes for your business success.

Each week, my team and I will work side-by-side with you on the most important areas of your business to give you clarity, generate more revenue and free up your time to build your ideal lifestyle.

Believe me when I say I will hold nothing back…

I will analyse every element of your business to identify and remove all limiting factors for growth…

…shortening the time and effort needed to create the profitable business and lifestyle you want.

If You Take Me Up on This Personal Coaching Opportunity, You Will…

Put Simply: Instead of Building Your Business in Isolation, You and I Will Build it Together

Claim your free strategy session and tell me the vision you have for your business… And I will show you how to achieve it.

*Talk with me directly 1-on-1. No obligations.

My Inner Circle Program is Entirely Customised to Your Business

… And it’s Built Around the Proven Framework I Personally Use to Grow All My Businesses

No two businesses are alike.

I should know; I have worked with 1,000s of them.

That’s why the DM 12-Week Inner Circle Program is entirely customised to your business needs.

We’ll take the proven framework that I have used to grow all my businesses and specifically apply it to your business…

If you have pressing workforce challenges, we’ll focus there.

If you are struggling to generate leads, we’ll focus there.

If your revenue has flatlined, we’ll focus there.

By now, I’m sure you get the picture.

In short… 

Once We Dive Into Your Business, We Will Focus on Your Most Challenges, Unknowns and Biggest Opportunities.

Over 12 intensive weeks…

You Will Get the Opportunity to Work Shoulder-to-Shoulder with Me to Grow Your Business

Week #1

Life, Business & Wealth Goals

If you are unclear on WHY you are in business, you will never truly achieve success. So, we will take a deep dive into this and undergo a rigorous goal-setting process for your short and long-term life, business, and wealth creation goals so that every day you wake up feeling empowered by your true Why.

Week #2

A Complete SWOT Analysis of Your Business

This is where we get brutally honest and real. We will do a deep dive audit of your website, social media, CMS, CRM, internal systems, P & L, staff, location, target niche, service streams and more to assess where your business stands today. No stone will be left unturned. 

Week #3

Auditing Your Finances

We will audit your finances in an in-depth way that very few business owners ever do. In this critical stage, we will analyse your current break-even point and P&L to ensure your current business model is sustainable for growth and integrate that into your goals.

Week #4

Optimising Your Business Model

Creating the proper foundation for your business is where all your future success is built. We will optimise, or even completely rebuild, your business model based on your niche, demographic and strengths.

Week #5

Unlocking New Revenue

Every business I have ever worked with has been leaving revenue on the table in one way or another. We will unlock yours in the inner circle program by refining your existing revenue streams to optimise total business revenue.

Week #6

Marketing in the Modern Age

You will learn how to use the latest digital marketing strategies to ensure your business is seen, heard, and shared both organically and via paid mediums if required. This includes expert recommendations about which digital marketing tools you need to grow your business, from Facebook, Google AdWords’, Google My Business, to Instagram.

Week #7

Sales Training to Close More Clients

Being able to consistently sell your services in a way that converts is like having a superpower. In the inner circle program, you will gain access to my personal multi-million-dollar sales strategies that you and your staff can use to secure more high-paying clients.

Week #8

The Secrets of Customer Retention

Retaining clients is arguably the most critical skill required in building a 7-figure business.
You will discover the incredibly effective client retention core practises for maintaining lucrative, long-term client contracts.

Week #9

Business Automation

Once your business is generating consistent revenue streams, it’s time to automate it to leverage your time. I’ll show you how to implement systems that will help to automate your operations further and free up your time, making your business more professional in the eyes of clients.

Week #10

Building & Optimising Your Team

If you want to scale to the highest heights, you need a rockstar team around you. We will define clear job roles and KPIs to optimise staff management and overall business productivity. Plus, I’ll show you how to put highly effective development programs in place to level up your team’s education, sales, and marketing.

Week #11

Enhancing Your Domain Authority

To stand out in today’s crowded online world, you need authority.
I will teach you how to rapidly enhance your domain authority and the tools you need to create a digital presence that draws clients to you organically.

Week #12

Building an Irresistible, World-Renowned Brand

We will help you refine and grow your brand to make you stand out in the marketplace. You will learn the same brand-building strategies and principles that I have personally used to build a
world-renowned brand.

*Talk with me directly 1-on-1 about your business today. No obligations.

As you can see…

Together, we will focus on every part of your business to make it sustainable and scalable to provide the lifestyle you crave

And it all starts today with your free strategy session…

*Talk with me directly 1-on-1 about your business today. No obligations.

success stories

I know how important your time is to you, that’s why…

I have Structured My Coaching Program so it Fits Even the Busiest Schedule

Online Learning Platform

Your private student portal is where you will be able to access all the training, complete program modules and access reports about your business prepared by me and my expert team. 

Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching

Each week you will get a full hour of private 1-on-1 video coaching session with me or a subject matter expert from my team. These deep-dive sessions will put your business under the microscope, provide you with advice and allow you to ask your most pressing questions. All sessions are recorded and available on-demand in your online portal.

Group Coaching

Special monthly webinars bring together all students for empowering group coaching sessions. This is an open forum where we share our wins and overcome any challenges so that everyone grows together.


Surrounding yourself with motivated people is critical if you want to achieve success. In this program, you will have invaluable opportunities to network with ambitious business owners on the same journey as you.

*Talk with me directly 1-on-1 about your business today. No obligations.

If You Had the Chance to Have an Entrepreneur with 20 Years’ Experience in Your Corner…

… What Would this Mean for Your Business?

If you had someone who has spent the past two decades where you are today that you could…

… turn to for proven sales strategies to generate
more income…

… lean on to build and help strategically manage your team
of people…

… rely on for advice on creating a business that facilitates
your dream life…

What would this mean for your business and the time it takes you to achieve success?

In other words, what if you had…

Your own personal business coach that you can talk to directly about any aspect of your business.

Due to the Personal Nature of this Coaching, I Only Work with a Select Few Business Owners at a Time…

Due to the Personal Nature of this Coaching, I Only Work with a Select Few Business Owners at a Time…

I would love to throw open my office doors and work with every business owner
I meet 1-on-1.

But because of the time and level of personal mentorship I put into my coaching, this simply isn’t realistic.

That’s why I strictly limit the number of business owners I work with to just 60 highly motivated and committed people per annum. All my clients are vetted in advance, and some of you reading this will unfortunately not make the cut.

As I teach my students, I value my time, and I can only work with people who are serious about taking maximum action to achieve their goals irrespective of where they are right now – however, attitude and a commitment to action come first!

I do this to make sure that I can dedicate the time needed to truly get to know your business and make myself available to you.

Discover What We Can Achieve for Your Business By Securing Your Free Strategy Session…

In your free strategy session, we will… 

Plus, much more…

*Please Note: On this page today is the only way to work with me on a 1-on-1 basis to build and grow your business.

If You Get the Feeling That This Could Change Your Business Forever, You Are Absolutely Right…

Just listen to what other business
owners I have worked with are saying…

Hi, I’m Daine…
Your Personal Coach, Mentor and Biggest Ally for the Next 12 Weeks

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have exceptional mentors who helped me achieve my success.

I’ve spent over 1,000 hours working with world-leading experts in human behaviour and business-like Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Dr John DeMartini and Dr Joe Dispenza.

Put simply; I couldn’t have done it without the coaches and mentors that helped me along the way.

I am passionate about giving business owners like you the
same opportunity.

But please don’t expect me to do the work for you.

Building a more profitable, sustainable business that provides you with the freedom of choice to live out your dream life and have the time left to truly connect with yourself, your family and loved ones does not happen overnight. 



Let’s Get to Know Each Other Better
and See Where We Can Take Your Business…

*Talk with me directly 1-on-1 about your business today. No obligations.

The Fact That You are on this Page Today Tells Me Something Special About You…

First, it says to me you are serious about building a 7 or maybe even 8-figure business and don’t believe in leaving things to chance.

Second, it shows me you are committed to constant improvement.

And third, it tells me you take pride in the fact that you are an avid learner who knows the impact of just one new idea.


I can also tell you with 100% certainty that…

Business Owners Who Aren’t Willing to Invest in their Own Success, Very Rarely Achieve it

And it all starts today with your free strategy session…

If you are not ready to invest in yourself today, then you may not have fully grasped that the right mentor can dramatically shortcut your path to success.

If this is the case, then there’s a good chance my coaching isn’t right for you.

On the other hand…

If you are a passionate business owner looking to build a business that provides your family with security and lifestyle…

If you understand the power of mentorship, guidance, and the right network… And you are ready to surround yourself with success…

If you believe in yourself enough to invest in yourself and go all-in on your business…

Then you are exactly the type of person I want to work with…

*Talk with me directly 1-on-1 about your business today. No obligations.

Simply select a day and time to speak to me Directly