5 Things you Can Do Today to Create your Dream Life in 2022

Everyone wants to have that dream life, but most don’t know how to get there.

For many years I thought that hard work alone would get me there, especially when it applied to my business success.

The reality is, there is more to life than working hard, and if that is all you are doing, ultimately, it can impact other areas of your life, such as your relationships and health, leading to a lack of fulfilment.

So, if creating your personal slice of heaven is high on your agenda, here are my top five rules you must apply if you are serious about being happy, healthy, and financially freer.

Rule 1: Stop Making Excuses

Whatever has gone on, is going on, and that will go on in your life is your responsibility, and no one else’s – let that sync in.

If you are broke right now – it’s your fault.

If you have no clients in your business right now – it’s your fault.

If your wife left you and ran off with another man or woman – it’s your fault.

If you have a poor relationship with your children – it’s your fault.

Let me be clear, we attract and manifest every experience and situation in our life.

So, when you realise this to be the ultimate truth, accept and acknowledge it, the better your ability will be to create the life you truly desire.

Rule 2: Raise your Standards

How you do one thing is how you do all things.

It is your choice to either be a great parent or a mediocre one.

It is your choice to either be great in your career or mediocre.

It is your choice to accept toxic friends in your life or to find new friends who equally provide value to your world.

It is your choice to drive around in a dirty car, keep your office messy, or not make your bed every day, just as it is your choice to keep your personal space clean, neat, and orderly.

It is your choice to eat that doughnut or go for a walk.

Learn to raise your standards in every area of your life, and I assure you that long-term, they will pay massive dividends towards creating your ultimate life.

Rule 3: Wake up Earlier

Win the morning so that you can win the day.

95% of the time, I get up between 5:00 am-6:00 am.

Sure, they may be some days when I get up between 4:00 am-5:00 am, but I value a total of 7 hours minimum of sleep to keep me emotionally, mentally, and physically firing on all cylinders.

So, by the time it comes to 9:00 am when most of humanity is getting into work, I have already:

  1. Trained and expended some energy in the gym
  2. Finished some creative work whilst my mind was fresh
  3. Been present and connected with my wife and kids

By 9:00 am, I have already done a ton of productive stuff in all three critical areas of my life: my family, fitness, and finances.

This not only is practically great but will increase your sense of fulfilment and purpose for the day!

Rule 4: Nurture Your Relationships

Like a plant inside our home, our relationships will have a greater chance of reaching their full potential if you water them consistently.

 If you give them attention, nurture and attend to them, they will grow.

This is especially true in married couples because once the deal is done and the rings are on each other’s fingers, the business of life, work, family etc., can make it hard to prioritise each other.

The same is true for your friendships, family, and children.

They all need to hear you tell them how much you love them, appreciate them and how grateful you are for them from time to time, even if they don’t necessarily deserve it.

Laugh and be childish together and bring out your inner child who was free of expectations or worried about how they might be judged. Be authentic; it is attractive to all those around you.

Be the bigger person and set the energetic tone to help raise the vibration and mood of those around you without fear of rejection, and long term, it will pay dividends!

Rule 5: Move More, Sit Less

I have a saying.

Love, lift and laugh from a place of gratitude.

We covered the love and laugh parts in rule four, the lift part we cover here.

Personally, weight training is my preferred mode of exercise because I believe that as human beings, we evolved having to move, lift and carry things.

However, human beings also evolved from being outdoors in nature, bushwalking, swimming in the ocean, or running on the plains.

So, any activity where you are actively moving your body for a combined total of no less than one hour per day is ideal for optimising human health and letting our body expend the energy that inevitably builds up within us.

The list goes on, not to mention the various benefits clinically shown to benefit us from exercise, including improved mood, cardiovascular health, resilience, and immunity to disease

In Summary

There is no such thing as perfection; only what is perfect for you, your family and loved ones.

Remember that as you go through the paces of life each day, but conversely, also know that you have the freedom of choice to implement the rules I have mentioned above no matter your circumstance!

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